Future Yellow lab puppies for sale
Future Yellow labrador puppies for sale

This page is for lab puppy litters that we have confirmed breedings on.

We have yellow litters expecting.

They will go home early 2019.

If you do not see a confirmed breeding that you are interested in, follow this link to see our upcoming breeding plans.

If you want to mail in a deposit and not use online option go to our Wait-list/Deposit page.
The following are our plans on what we have confirmed bred and what parents are expecting.

When can you pick up your lab puppy?

You can pick up your lab puppies once they are eight weeks old.

We have tentative go home dates below, these are not final dates.

Final pick up dates will be confirmed once the lab puppies are born.

We will hold your lab puppy past the pick up date if you need, please ask us how this works.

Faith and Joe Diffie will have a litter in November

Babies are due 11/15/2018
​Tentative go home date 1/12/2019

This litter is $1800.00

You can place a deposit by credit of debit card by going to this link. 

You can place a deposit by mail by going to this link.

​Babe and Joe Diffie 

Litter Expected 12/19/2018
​These babies are planned to go home 2/16/2019
This litter is $1500

You can place a deposit on this litter by credit or debit card following this link.

You can place a deposit by mail by following this link.

Snow and Buster

Babies are expected on 1/9/2019

Tentative go home date is 3/9/2019

This litter is $1500

​You can place a deposit on this litter by following this link.​

Stelle and Ace

Babies are expected 1/20/2019

Tentative go home date is 3/16/2019

This litter is $1500

You can place a deposit on this litter by following this link. 

Puppies come with the following:
AKC papers
Vet checked
Pet insurance
One year congenital guarantee
36-month  guarantee
Health guarantee
Vet Checked 
OFA Tested
Crate training started
Puppy food, collar, blanket, reusable tote, microchip, shampoo,  leash, treats, toys, puppy information packet
Housebreaking started prior to leaving.
We are here to answer any questions before and after the sale of the puppy for life of the puppy. Pedigrees of parents  will be provided. 
All AKC registration papers will be handed over at the time of puppy pick up.
Thank you for looking at our website and we hope to see you soon for your next labrador puppy
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Future Yellow lab litters for sale

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