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The links on this website will take you to our newest website. We have had this one so long it’s not very mobile user friendly, but we don’t want to lose it as it is a big part of our lives. So, you will go to to view any puppies and place deposits. As this website has no way to add a way to do deposits on them. Thank you

​Love this goofy picture and wonderful update. Its nice to see them as they grow up.

This is Molly, she will be 2 in November. She is silly, loveable and downright amazing! She loves to swim, dock jump, retreive, and takes care of her older sister! Thank you!

Hello Wendy,

Just wanted to pass along an update on a Buster and Snow puppy we bought from you in June. Oakley is 4.5 months old. He LOVES people, animals and especially the water. He's a complete goof and incredibly smart. He already graduated puppy obedience class and knows how to sit, go down, shake, retrieve, stand and stay.  :) 

We love him so much! I can't wait to see how big he will get (he's already 46 pounds!!)

Hope you're having a great day, 


These updates are what keep me here doing what I love with the breeding program. Having happy puppies in wonderful pet homes  :)

UPDATE: She still the sweetest girl in the world!! Loves to go on walks and cuddle!! I'm so thankful for her everyday!

We are very pleased with the yellow lab that we bought.  Her name is Emma and she is a doll.   We got so many compliments on her looks and behavior.    Her temper is great and she is so smart.   If I was looking for a lab I would call Mabry labs again.   Our vet was impressed with the quality and how Emma was.  
Mt. Zion, il

Yes- she's a beautiful pup. Our vet oohs and ahhs when she comes! I took her folder of parents genetic testing, vaccine and worming info and microchip info at the first visit. She was amazed at all the genetic info and said you were awesome breeders. 

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We got our 8 week old puppy from Mabry Labs 2 weeks ago and couldn't of asked for a better experience. Wendy was absolutely wonderful when it came to responding to emails, reassuring us as first time pet owners, and most importantly, putting the puppy's care first. Mabry labs actually cares about the health and happiness of their dogs and it really shows when you visit the clean large farm where the puppy's are kept. He was already potty trained and after 3 days he was sleeping through the night in his crate. I've gotten countless remarks on how beautiful of a dog he is and would highly recommend Mabry labs to anyone looking to extend their family! :)

Chocolate Lab Puppies


Stephen G. Today

Thank you Mabrys!

I was fortunate enough to get two puppies from the Buster and Hope winter '17 litter and I cannot even describe how amazing they are. They were so smart they got house trained and started pawing, to communicate to me, at the door within a week. They knew all the basic commands (sit, down, wait, leave it, etc ...) within the first month I had them and they continue to make my day every day. With Buster being their sire I was hoping for them to be big and they are both a muscular and athletic 40 lbs at 19 weeks. On the flip side with Hope being their dam I was told they might develop into pointers and both have exhibited the behavior so far, only a few times were they caught mid stride with the picturesque one paw raised, but sure enough their noses and tails are straight as an arrow when their interest is really piqued. 

I cannot recommend Mabry enough and both of my siblings being so impressed with my boys are looking into getting a lab from Mabry when neither was that interested in labs (we've been a golden family my whole life) before meeting them.

Zack S. 

Best all around!

The owners are truly dedicated to taking care of their labs. Have an amazing facility and give them a loving environment. They go above and beyond when it comes to making sure you're satisfied. They are very knowledgeable and are open minded. They take such amazing care of their pups and adults. You will not find a better breeder to purchase from!

Great dogs and even better breeder!

We got our dog from there a year ago and she is great! Wendy was very helpful along the way. I woul highly recommend!

Robin L. 

Wonderful breeders

Very informative and knowledgeable of the breed Very involved with the breeding process

Heather M. 

Great place to find your new"family member"!

These people really care about all their labs!

Gina K. 

Mabry Labs is the best!!

Mabry Labs really cares about their pups. I love how they post pictures/videos so that you can see the pup’s growth and personality. Beautiful looking dogs. You will be so glad you went with Mabry Labs. We absolutely recommend Mabry Labs! You won’t be disappointed.


Patricia M. 

Excellent Breeder

Wonderful people that make it their life to breed and raise these Labs in such a loving and healthy environment. So helpful and encouraging to new owners like myself too which is much appreciated. The travel to pick up our new family member after watching him on videos for weeks was destine. Wouldn’t change a thing. 💕 Wendy is the Best!

Ryan R. 

Best Breeder

Mabry Labs is by far the bast Labrador breeder in the area and that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Meeting them and seeing the level of care and devotion they put into their operation shows how much they really care about their dogs and the people who will one day welcome them into their family. They go above and beyond what typical breeders do, placing great emphasis on the little things, like playing with the puppies and socializing them with people far before they go home with their new owners. The supplies they send home with each puppy are a nice touch, blankets with their litter’s scent and new toys and treats . All this is great, let’s not mention the pure quality of their dogs, excellent bloodlines and pedigrees with a plethora of breeding dog options to fit each person with a dog that meets their needs and desired traits! They’re the best looking labs I’ve ever seen! 
And, the support doesn’t stop at pickup, they respond very quickly to any questions I’ve had since we brought our boy home! 

Thank you Mabry Labs!

Laura H. 

Love our dog!

Our dog from Mabry Labs has become the center of our household. Wonderful temperament. Smartest dog in our dog training classes. He is always used as an example. He is only 9 months. Always get compliments about his manners and his looks. Loved Kids of all ages.

Janet M. 
Will get my next lab here!

Absolutely love your site and very impressed with your love and caring of your dogs! Pics are the best!!

Kathy Mike S. 

A great addition to our family!

One look and you are impressed by the dog's accommodations. But even more than that, the love that they have for the dogs is amazing and shines through. It is obvious to us that this is more than a business, it is a passion of theirs. We could not be happier with our dog Addy, a litter from Ace and Babe, born in 2015. She is intelligent, great with our kids and we are so happy to have her as part of our family.

Maria C. 

Best of the best!

Samson (Rebel and Joe pup) was born on September 1st 2017. From the moment of his birth we received weekly (sometimes biweekly) updates, photos and videos on his development and health. We picked up Samson a little over 8 weeks later and could not be happier. We were given a folder with thorough information on his pedigree and an up to date list of vaccinations and services he received from vet visits before coming home. Our vet was very impressed with how organized and militant Wendy was with the informational packet provided by Mabry Labs. From day one he was sleeping through the night accident free. Samson has been very easy to train. He is happy, smart, calm, quiet, observant and beautiful. We could not be happier with him. We definitely would highly recommend Mabry Labs to anyone who his looking for a highly intelligent, lovable lab.

Sharri J. 

My sweetheart!

Got our sweet girl a year ago from Mabry Labs- Sadie Grace. She’s a smartest, sweetest girl. Great temperment and good looks to boot!

 Karen A. 

highly recommend!

I couldn’t say enough great things about Wendy and Mabry labs! My Molly is the best dog I have ever had the pleasure of bringing in to my family. She was so well prepared to join our family. Wendy takes every step as soon as they are born to ensure they are healthy and acclimated to a variety of things.. the crate, nail trimming, ear checks etc. Molly is healthy, beautiful and the most loving dog I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to add another to our family someday.

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Debbie W. 

Best breeder! Beautiful Labs!

My Oona Bell is the best dog ever! She is my second lab and was potty trained at 9 weeks Old when I picked her up. I was shocked that she knew to sit by the door and bark. She is also an extremely gorgeous yellow with light green/grey eyes. Everyone comments on her disposition and eyes. Thank you!!! I highly recommend!!

Michele K. 
Great website

Can tell by all of their Post that all the dogs and pups are well taken care of and given lots of love. Also pays close attention to who gets the pups! I love the pics and the updates! Thank you for a job well done!

Julie V. 

Our Mabry puppy

our pup is a Hope and Buster pup we purchased last year. Mabry labs is an excellent Breeder who makes sure all her adult dogs are in good health and loved. Our puppy came partially housebroken and used to being loved on and cuddling with humans. He is our third lab and is by far the smartest dog we’ve ever owned.

Jean S. 


We couldn't be happier with our new puppy. Mabry Labs is more than a breeder. They love their dogs and all get special attention. They are responsible and knowledgeable breeders. And we've made a new friend . We drove 8 hours for our Rebel/Joe little girl. So worth it.

Julie W. 

I own 2 Mabry Labs and will continue to adopt from

Mabry Labs is much much more than a breeder. They become friends with every family of every amazing lab they place. They care so much for their puppies. Because of that, when you adopt from them, you get a well-adjusted and confident puppy that has been perfectly socialized and loved from the second they are born. With no hesitation, I highly recommend Mabry Labs for help with the placement of your furry family member.

Todd Z.

Very Satisfied Customer of Mabry Labs

Excellent breeder, who are passionate for the labs and their well being. We have Dakota, a chocolate lab from Hope & Buster, born 11/29/16. He is very smart, out going and has a loving personality. We highly recommend Mabry Labs.


This females has been doing very well with her hunt test training. She also, hunts live birds and is doing well. 

This female is doing very well in her new home and is reported to be training with no issues. She is from our Ruby and looks a lot like her. Very pretty dark yellow.

Just wanted to share a few pictures of the loves of our life. :) Wiley (like Wil E Coyote) and baby Vanessa who was born in May. Wiley was a Babe and Buster pup who we picked up in January, so he'll be one this November 14th. He is the kindest soul, loves to play, and is the best family dog imaginable. He's relaxing in these pictures, but he really prefers to run around and get exercise. We give him a lot of that, too. He and my husband Rob are the very very best of friends. 
Thank you for Wiley!
Alison Strandell :) 

This little one gets to live with his new older brother a nine year old Boxer. He is doing well in his new home. Training him has been easy and he has been a wonderful addition to the home.

Black female at one year old. Owner is happy to report that she is doing very well on hunting skills and foresees many birds in her future. She is owner trained and doing fantastic. Very smart girl, first time she saw a goose had no issues bringing it to him.chocolate lab puppies, yellow lab puppies, black lab puppies, fox red lab puppies lab puppies for sale labrador puppies english labrador retriever  labrador retriver puppies for sale.  labrador retiever puppies for sale.  labrador retriever puppies for sale 

We are loving our sweet Penny!  She is one of Ginger and Red’s girls born March 1st.  She has a dot on her head now like one of the others that wasn’t noticeable when we picked her up. She is very intelligent. It didn’t take long for her to potty train and learn several commands. The kids have taught her to shake and roll over. She is quite a talker but only when she wants something or when she’s on the floor playing with us. She is a good listener and likes to stay close. She is 5 1/2 months now and getting bigger every day. Not sure when she’s going to grow into those paws and long legs. She is also a good playmate with other dogs and friendly with other humans. We can’t say enough good things about her. Thank you so much!  We recommend you every chance we get. 
The McMahons


Addy is from the January 2015 litter. We are really happy with her. She picks up on things very quickly and is ready to learn. She's a wonderful family pet.  Addy is a sweet dog who will quickly roll over for a belly rub. Although we don't hunt, it is easy to see she has a strong sense of smell.  You can just see the love, time and attention Mabry Labs puts in. We really like the fact that new puppy pictures are put up shortly after their birth and they are updated often so you can see them before you bring one home.  You can count on getting a great dog when you get one from Mabry Labs.

We are very pleased with the yellow lab that we bought.  Her name is Emma and she is a doll.   We got so many compliments on her looks and behavior.    Her temper is great and she is so smart.   If I was looking for a lab I would call Mabry labs again.   Our vet was impressed with the quality and how Emma was.  
Bob N
Mt. Zion, il

‘Dave’ is my 90 lb. black lab from the December 2013 litter. He has a great disposition and is highly intelligent. Great with kids, other dogs, etc. He loves the water, but is not exceptionally driven to hunt (which I don’t mind at all). He has ZERO aggression, but has turned out to be a great watchdog  as he will bark ferociously if anyone even approaches our front door (then slobber all over and cover them with black dog hair) when they come inside. Dave has always had excellent vet checkups and I constantly get complimented on how handsome he is. Our vet has commented on how thorough and helpful the paperwork that Wendy Mabry sent home with Dave was…he thought it was great that he know exactly when and what vaccinations the dog had already received when I initially took him in. Mabry labs are the best!!! If I wasn’t convinced my wife would kill me, I would go back to Mabry and get a second lab in a heartbeat!

Georgia is a little over a year old and the best dog we could ask for! She is a beautiful lab, we get compliments on her all the time. She gets along great with our labradoodle and loves kids. She has to be the sweetest dog we have ever been around. She is crazy good at retrieving and can catch the frisbee in mid air. She is a fast runner and a fantastic swimmer. She enjoys the lake so much we got her a baby pool to sit in while we do yard work. She loves it! If she could be outside all day, she would. She was so easy to train because the Mabry's worked so well with her before we picked her up from them. They gave us all the information we could have asked for. Get your next lab here!! It is well worth it!!

We bought a chocolate lab from Mabry Labs in March. She is sweet, funny, & smart. She is willing to learn what is being taught to her, & picks it up quickly. Mabry Labs cares so much for the dogs they breed. One of their puppies have the best start in becoming a wonderful part of your family. Angie H.

Julie Kohler Wagner — 5 starHow can I possibly give a high enough rating to this wonderful couple of souls who have given me the joy of owning two of their puppies? They are the best around. I have owned dogs my entire life and stumbled across Mabry Labs when I was on the search for the perfect dog. I was given Trooper, a yellow male, who is the light of our lives. At the time, we had another lab/golden mix who was Trooper's best buddy, but she sadly passed. So, because we were so thrilled with Trooper, I dove right back in and got Dixie, a black female. She is exceptional in every way...they both are. The most loving, dedicated, beautiful, perfect dogs on the planet. I give a huge part of the credit for their outstanding personalities to their breeder. From the minute these pups were born, they were handled with love and care. They are in exceptional living conditions, they are socialized from the start and their pedigree is top notch. Trooper is an avid hunter who was simple to train. Both puppies were potty trained in under three days! I have kept in constant contact with Mabry Labs since we have gotten our babies and anytime I have questions or just want to tell stories, I chat with them. We have developed a strong bond over our love for these pups. If my bed was big enough to have ten of their dogs, I wouldn't hesitate. Spread the word, because they are the BEST in the business, hands down. I would be very happy to discuss anything with any potential owner.