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future black labs puppies for sale

black lab puppies

black lab puppies

black lab puppies

black lab puppies


black lab puppies

black lab puppies

We have a litter now. Go to our available page for details.

Future Black lab puppies for sale

Future Black labrador puppies for sale

This page is for lab puppy litters that we have confirmed breedings on.

For litters planned later, not yet bred follow the link below.

You can view all our litter plans for 2018 and 2019 by going here.

You can mail in deposits by going to our Wait-list/Deposit page if you do not want to use online deposit option.

We are expecting black lab puppies in 2018/2019.

The following are our plans on what we have confirmed bred and what parents are expecting.

Page updated 11/06/2018

Babe and Joe Diffie 

Litter Expected 12/19/2018
​These babies are planned to go home 2/16/2019
Valentines puppies. 
If you are looking for great pups with that willing to please these will be perfect.
Weights will be 70 - 80 pounds as adults.
This is a black and yellow litter.
Yellow puppies will have black noses.
Smart and outgoing
Suitable for hunting, pets, and service animals. 
Deposit to hold a place is $300
Total cost on this litter is $1500
This will include a one year congenital and three year hip guarantee.

Blacks in this litter are reserved at this time. if any extras are born in the litter they will be posted once born.

You can place a deposit on this litter with credit or debit card by following this link.
You can place a deposit by with by following this link.


Snow and Buster

Litter expected 1/9/2019

These babies are due to go home 3/9/2019

​Deposits can be placed here.