Our labrador retriever for sale come in chocolate lab puppies for sale, yellow lab puppies for sale and black lab puppies for sale. Labrador retriever for sale in Chicago

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Black Lab puppies for sale

Black lab puppies for sale

black lab puppy for sale


The black lab puppies we have range in size and type. We have them small under 50 pounds and over 100 pounds.  Please, if you have a size requirement make sure to look at our litter lists to see what sizes are expected in the litters. We only estimate sizes we can not guarantee them, however we a generally within 20% of the adult weight range we predict. There are a lot of factors that go into adult size that we will discuss with you if you need.

Please, send an email to jalc1@live.com for information on any black lab puppy you are interested in. 

black lab puppies for sale
black lab puppy male for sale

We currently are expecting black lab puppies to be born in June. They are $1500.00.

Deposits can be placed to hold a spot in the litter.

Thank you and have a great day.

​Puppies will only be held past the date of the first Saturday after the litter is eight weeks old by prior arrangement with the seller. Purchaser shall be responsible for subsequent board ($15 per day), food. Plus any veterinary fees.

Black lab puppies for sale