Rebel and Joe for a 3/4 British and 1/4 American litter.

Due to be bred in March/April 2018.

These are not guaranteed breeding dates, can be sooner or later.

This will be an all yellow litter with possible fox reds.

Will be 40-70-pound labs.

We have opened the deposit list on this litter. Contact for information.

We are now taking deposits for  2018 litters. 

If you want a puppy in the warmer months now is the time to get on our list.

Deposit is $300  final $1200 balance is due on pickup.

We do accept checks, credit or debit cards for deposits.​

For credit or debit card deposits to be do online click this link. 

To mail in a deposit click this link

Below you will find information on what lab puppy litters we have planned.

We do not interfere with mother nature here at Mabry Labradors. We allow our dogs to breed naturally without any drug being involved. We will not use a drug to make a female come into heat just to produce a lab puppy  litter. Other breeders will do this and it is not good breeding practices as far as we are concerned our dogs are very important to us. You will be happy that we take this route and wait on pups when our girls are ready.  We do not breed to just produce lab puppies or we would do like other breeders and use drugs. We are very happy to say that our dogs are happy, healthy and safe from any harmful breeding practices.

We do this for the love of the animals not profit.

So keep this in mind when looking at future breeding dates as they will change dates as the girls make the decision that is time to bless the world with our Mabry Lab babies.

Thank you

Thanks for looking at our upcoming litters and we hope to see you soon.


It is difficult to predict when, what, and how many puppies a female will have. We do our best to be fair and responsible labrador breeders to all our lab puppy parents placing confidence in our Labrador  kennel. Placement on our lab puppy list is reserved by receipt of deposits. Once your deposit is in we will place your name along with your preference(s)  on our lab puppy list according to your first and second choices on the litter you choose.  We are fair to all in our placement practices. Deciding to bring a new purebred Lab puppy into your family will be a memorable time when purchasing a Mabry Labrador.


Our promise to you is we do all we can

to bring the right puppy at the right time into your home.


We do not charge different prices no matter what the style of lab or by pedigrees.


We do have our expected litter lists now up.

Please, contact us for any questions.

Thank you and have a great day.

Yellow lab puppies for sale

We guarantee no puppies to be affected by RD/OSD, EIC, CNM, PRA, PKD, DM, HU, DILUTE AND HNPK. .  

​Hips are guaranteed for 36 months and we have a one year congenital health warranty.

OFA testing.

Please click here to read about the genetic testing we do, this is to make sure the puppies are not born with these diseases.


Legacy and Ace.

This breeding  will take place in June/July for pups to be born in Aug/Sept  2018 for a black and chocolate litter if with Ace. 

​These are not guaranteed breeding dates and can be sooner or later.

These will be 75-90 pound labs with a chance of being over 100 lb.

We have opened the deposit list on this litter. Contact for information.

trained female labs for sale
puppies for sale labrador puppies

Ginger and Ace  May/June 2018 breeding for all yellow litter with chance of fox red. Will also have chance of almost white ups, very light yellow.  

These are not guaranteed breeding dates and can be sooner or later.

Will be 80+pound labs.

Go here to view what is open in this litter.


akc chocolate lab puppies for sale
labrador retriever puppies for sale
yellow lab puppies for adoption
lab pup
lab puppies for adoption

 Rubix and Buster for a black, yellow and chocolate litter. American/English these will be very large dogs. Most males are over 100 pounds by one year old. So do not get on this list if you do not want a large lab. Thanks

Breeding April 4,2018  for litter to be born in June 2018.

Go home first week of August or possibly last week of July. 

Go here to see what we have open for yellow puppies in this litter.

Go here to see what we have open for black puppies in this litter. 

Go here to see what we have open for chocolate puppies in this litter.

labrador puppies for sale
puppies for sale

Future Lab Puppies For Sale

Snow and Buster for chocolate, black and yellow litter. American/English large labs 80-120 pounds.

Breeding in April for litter to be born in June. 

Will go home in middle of August.

Will update by 4/20/2018 with dates.


lab puppy

Stelle and Joe Diffie

Babies arrived on 5/24/2018

We have yellow males open in the litter.

​Go home date is July 21st. 

This litter sizes will be 50-75-pound labs. Some may run smaller as the British are smaller labs.

                     Go here to see what we have open in this litter. 

english labrador puppies for sale

Britt and Ace  expecting black and yellow puppies.

Breeding 4/ 8/2018.

Due date 6/10/2018

Puppies to go home 8/11/2018

Puppies will be 50-80 pounds when grown. 

Blacks in this litter are reserved. You can be on standby list with no deposit. Contact for details.

Go here to see what openings we have on this litter for yellow puppies.

Hope and Buster English/American all chocolate litter.

Breeding will be in April 16 2018

Litter due June 6/18/2018 Estimated.

Tentative go home date is 8/18/2018

This litter will be 70-90-pound labs


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