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AKC Labrador Retriever puppy.  Mabry labs the only place to get your AKC Lab Puppies. Chocolate lab puppy.

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Moved in. Still have more to go, but they seem to like it so far. 

Kuranda Dog Beds

Update floor inside painted 1/2/2016

New kennel will be going up in October 2015. Please, check back for pictures from start to  finish. We are putting up a 40 by 40 building. This will be a 16  dog run with inside areas having 5 foot by 5 foot sleeping quarters for the dogs with Kuranda beds. Inside will be climate controlled heat and air conditioner. Outside access is there 24 hours a day where each dog can go into a 5 by 10 area that is covered by a roof and in summer will have water misters running. In Spring 2016 we will finish the outside playard, for now they will have access to large play areas. Can't wait to see this completed. We are sure the dogs are going to be in love with it as much as we are. :)

AKC labrador retriever puppies for sale. Come to mabry labs for your next lab chocolate, black or yellow puppy. We let them go home once they reach 8 week old black lab puppy, or 8 week old chocolate lab puppy and yellow lab puppy.  

AKC lab puppies for sale

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AKC Lab pups

Mom's and Babies get to stay in this area :)

We use and love the Kuranda Beds. Our dogs and puppies love them as well. If you want a bed that will  last  then make the right choice and buy one of them.  Just click on the link below the video to purchase one today. 5% of sales are donated.