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Mabry Labs

Moved in. Still have more to go, but they seem to like it so far. 

Kuranda Dog Beds

Update floor inside painted 1/2/2016

Labrador Kennel In Illinois

Mom's and Babies get to stay in this area :)

​​​​​Our beautiful indoor kennel with outdoor runs keeps our labrador retrievers in comfort all year long. The labrador retriever kennel has sleeping quarters for the dogs with Kuranda beds. Inside it is climate controlled. Outside access is there 24 hours a day where each dog can outside whenever they please. This kennel is one of the things that sets us apart from other labrador breeders. They don't invest in their dogs and only invest in their personal homes. That is not the way a labrador breeder should run their breeding program. In 2017 we added a new building to have the puppies a safe environment to play and meet new people. We will have pictures up soon. You can see videos of lab puppies playing in the new building on our facebook page.

Labrador Kennel

We use and love the Kuranda Beds. Our dogs and puppies love them as well. If you want a bed that will  last  then make the right choice and buy one of them.  Just click on the link below the video to purchase one today. 5% of sales are donated.

Looking for a labrador kennel in St. Louis or a Labrador Breeder Illinois in St. Louis or even a Labrador Breeder Illinois in Chicago come to Southern Illinois and check us out. You won't be disappointed.