Labrador retrievers for sale in Illinois

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Sue is a beautiful fun loving happy go lucky English chocolate female.  She just loves to fetch and play with people. Also, content to lay in your lap. Most of the time she is just relaxing cuddled up with a toy and blanket.

Her favorite time of day is snack time. 

Her favorite toy is the purple kong ball.

Favorite blanket is any she can lay claim to.

Favorite snack none, she will take any snacks given.

Sue never meets a stranger and is a joy to be around. She does not get overly excited and rowdy. Most of the time she is a quiet girl unless she thinks you are not getting her dinner to her soon enough then she is vocal. Generally that is about the only time she barks is dinner time.

Her photo shots was done week eight of pregnancy and  her winter coat is getting ready to shed out.

She is a beautiful dark chocolate with a very thick coat and thick tail.

Sue averages around 75 pounds.

She will be expecting her first litter with us in 2019 and that litter will be with Ace for  a black and chocolate litter.

We can't wait to meet her babies and see the joy that they bring to other peoples lives.

Sue Chocolate English Labrador