Labrador retrievers for sale in Illinois

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Stitches is an AKC British Labrador Fox Red Yellow Male.

It is rare that we will use an outside stud to one of our females, but in order to get what we wanted we bred our British female Britt to a stud in Tennessee to get Stitches.

Born and bred here.

He is a dream come true for us and just what we wanted. A small dog with a heart of gold that would do anything asked of him for just a belly rub in return.

This guy is hovering around the 65-pound mark and he might get to 70 if we allow more treats lol.

He made us laugh so much as a puppy he got his name stitches.

He rarely barks and pays attention to every detail when learning. Excellent eye contact with humans and is very trusting.

The British Labrador is a smaller lab and has earned the name of the gentleman’s lab.

They can retrieve all day if you want or just lay on the couch.

His pedigree is filled with champions and would be happy to email you a copy, until we get it up on the website.

Dr. Mabry always says the great thing with the British is they don’t even take up a couch cushion when curled up on your sofa so you can have more room for others. 😊

If you want one of his babies, they will be ready to go home starting in 2020.

Be sure to watch our lists for his pups to show up and contact us with any questions.

Thank you so much for checking him out. We really love this little guy.