Labrador retrievers for sale in Illinois


Missy was brought here as a puppy from another breeder.

Missy is a 80 pound female who has a sweet disposition and rarely barks.
Her mom was a fox red and dad was a very light yellow some refer to as a white lab.
She's always up for a belly rub or off being noisy. She has to peek in windows and around corners to see what is going on.
Loves to fetch or just be a couch potato.
Her puppies can be on the larger side so depends on what male we breed her with as so sizes to expect.
We can have light yellow to dark reds from her and so far her first litters have been very easy to train.
We are very happy and blessed to have Missy with us. Hopefully, if you get a chance to welcome home one of her puppies they will bless your home like she has ours.


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