Labrador retrievers for sale in Illinois

Legacy was born and raised here at Mabry Labs. She is from Buster and is just a smart as he is.

Legacy has a beautiful dark chocolate coat that is very shiny. She is 80 pounds and just a love bug.

Has excellent retrieve drive to her and just loves to do anything we ask of her.

She has brains and beauty.

She loves people and really loves to get a butt scratch. Commands are learned very easy and she takes on new tasks without any issues. There as never been a day that she has not wanted to play or just lay with you on the couch.

Legacy will go up to any stranger and we have never seen her not want to snuggle up for attention to new people. The love this girl gives is never ending and she does go and lay down when asked.

So if you want a dog that is beautiful, smart and listens to you then make sure to check her out for a future puppy to bring into your family.


Chocolate Lab Female