Labrador retrievers for sale in Illinois

Daisy is a beautiful, smart and happy British Labrador Retriever.

Daisy is very athletic and her pups should be able to be trained in all types of things.

Examples: Hunting, pet, service dog, dock jumping, and others.

She smiles showing all her pretty white teeth.

She has done this since she was three months old.

As soon as she sees a person she will come running and grin at them.

She has a very nice pedigree and we have her paired up with Stitches for British puppies.

Daisy is not aggressive, weighs 50 lbs.

Easy to train and watches you do things. Just picks up a lot from watching. 

She is quiet and rarely barks unless something is around.

She would sit all day for ear rubs.

We’ve not had her refuse to do anything we ask of her.

She is a little spoiled as is typical for any Labrador here.

We love her and look forward to many years of her grinning at us.