Labrador retrievers for sale in Illinois

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Cubby is a mix of American and English.  She is a beautiful dark chocolate female. Loves her people and will lay on you for hours. She is very playful and loves to retrieve.  Born and raised here at Mabry Labradors. She has been spoiled from the  moment she arrived.  She has an excellent off switch and loves her stuffed toys. 

Cubby is always ready to greet anyone she can and she wants to make sure that spend time with her. She gets as close as possible and leans into you for an ear rub. 

Cubby as been easy to train and gets along well with other animals. 

Plans with Cubby is to breed her to our boy Moe for pups that are mostly English. These two together should give us puppies that are easy to train, playful, loyal family dogs with a dark chocolate coat to them. They should have the longer legs, shorter tail, thick coat with a large English head that would have a little longer nose to them. 

Mixing in the English and American has been excellent. You get the brains of the American and the playful attitude of the English brought into the puppies. This makes for puppies that train well and have a great off switch for the home. 

English are comical dogs with a playful attitude, but do not train as easy as the American. The American is higher strung and generally not as playful as the English. But you mix them together and you get a great dog. A lot of ours are from us breeding and keeping back English/American crosses here at Mabry Labradors. We've been working hard on these lines to get just what we want from them. Cubby is a success for us here. We are sure that with Moe it will be perfect. We know our lines very very well and have grand dogs here on the large farm. So many times the grand dogs are teaching their pups before they leave us. We are very proud of what we have accomplished with our Mabry Labradors. 

Cubby Chocolate Labrador