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AKC Labrador Retriever puppy.  Mabry labs the only place to get your AKC Lab Puppies. Chocolate lab puppy.

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The following are ways to get placed on our deposit/wait-lists.

  • 1. $300 deposit for priority placement.

  • 2. $50 deposit for secondary placement after priority placements have been made.

  • 3. $0 deposit for those that want to be notified after the deposit lists have been filled for any puppies that meet what they are looking for.

  • ​Contracts are listed below, please fill out and email it in. 
  • You will be contacted once we receive the contract.

 Those wanting to use credit and debit go to the online store.


Chocolate litter expected:

Eight names are taken on the priority list. Four female and four male. If all eight places are taken by the $300 deposits once the pups are born if there are extra pups (more than eight pups in litter or too many male/females born) the next people that can pick are the ones with the $50 deposits. After they are given first right of refusal then the $0 deposit list is notified of any pups are left.

The people on the $50 and $0 list can at anytime choose to pay the total of $300 to be placed on the priority list.

Once notified of pups being born and any pups that meet what those on the list wanted you will be given five business days to pay the remainder of $300 deposit to secure a puppy in the litter.

Thank you

AKC labrador retriever puppies for sale. Come to mabry labs for your next lab chocolate, black or yellow puppy. We let them go home once they reach 8 week old black lab puppy, or 8 week old chocolate lab puppy and yellow lab puppy.  

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