Yellow Labrador Retriever


Stelle was born here to proud parents Ginger and Red.

Red has since retired and living life as a house dog with a local family.

Stelle is a 70-75 pound female with a very sweet attitude.

She is not a bossy female and lets other dogs rule the yard. She just goes out to play and roll around in the grass.

She has to be plastered to a human’s leg if you are with her. She does prefer the humans over other dogs. This little girl is extremely affectionate and loves to give kisses.

She’s quiet unless something or someone comes up. Then she lets you know something/someone is here. She will then of course lick the stranger after barking lol.

She has a very nice short coat and love the coloring of her coat. She does have fox red puppies and will produce light yellows as well.

Stelle does have more of the American look to her, but yet has the English attitude. She isn't overly hyper and has an excellent off switch for the house. She excels in outdoor activities due to her body style and makes an excellent family outdoor companion. She also, has some great hunting offspring.

We are very happy and blessed to have Stelle with us. Hopefully, if you get a chance to welcome home one of her puppies they will bless your home like she has ours.