Sally English Chocolate Labrador


Sally is an beautiful dark chocolate English Labrador. She is  90 pounds. Sally‚Äôs favorite pastime is getting a blanket and laying on the bed sleeping lol. She is a cuddler and even though she is a large dog she is very gentle. Sally is easy to get to do anything she is asked and very quiet. She will wait her turn while watching other dogs without fussing about it. Sally is yellow factored which means when we breed she can produce yellow pups, some with black noses and some with chocolate noses. Depending on the male bred to she can have black, yellow and chocolates.  

Sally loves all people and animals. Has a beautiful coat to her that is super dark chocolate and it is very shiny in the sun.

Sally is happy to be with people go on walks and play. She is also just as happy to lay at your feet or in your lap. She has no idea she weighs as much as she does and that she is not a little lap dog.



Mabry Labs