Ruby Fox Red Female Labrador 




Ruby is a super sweetheart. She is in our house 90 % of the time. The rest of the time she is outside pestering something or someone.

She is extremely smart and loves to fetch. You can not say fetch around her or she takes off looking to bring back something. She will get into the toy box and pile every toy she can find in the middle of the living room.

She takes every chance to steal toys from other dogs. She loves to roll in the floor with a human and then snuggle. She steals your seat on the furniture the moment you leave the room. Then when you come back she turns her head to pretend not to hear you.

You can try to trick her by saying fletch, but she knows it is fetch and won't budge until she hears it.

She hates her ears to be done and will stop in her tracks dropping a toy if she sees the ear wash bottle. Then proceed to hide behind someone like you don't see me or please save me. But once called she will come over and it down to have her ears cleaned with a look on her face like why me. 

The amount of love she gives has no words and can't have a price on it. We only breed her when we know we want a litter of spoiled babies so it's maybe once a year or we skip a year. Due to the fact we know we will want to keep them all. If you want a super smart puppy with her loving attitude don't miss out on her babies. We will be spaying her shortly and can't guarantee when she will be bred again. So we will not be doing deposits on her until she has babies.

She's a great watch dog and alerts us the minute she hears a car coming up the long drive. Once she meets the stranger and we say they are okay, she quickly becomes best friends. There is nothing this girl won't do for us and we love her for that.

Don't look for this one to ever retire and be looking for a new home. She has it with us for life. She's our Ruby girl and we love her.  I could go on all day about her antics and how she is a joy to be around. But I won't do that on here and have you read about them. Just understand you take one of her babies you are a part of our family.