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This is for those that wish to pay securely and safely by credit or debit cards. Please, contact us if you have any questions. 


Please, visit our online store to make deposits. We have labrador puppies for sale. You will find some of the best retrievers for sale out there when you come to visit us.Labrador puppies for sale in Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, Memphis, Evansville, Lexington etc...

The online store was created in a way to make it easier to have deposits made for people wanting a lab puppy. If you do not wish to use a credit or debit card you can still mail in a check or money order.

You will have an online receipt that you can print out once you make a deposit for the lab puppy placement you want. If you require any help in placing a deposit contact us by email, call or text. 

Thank you and thanks for picking us for your labrador puppy.

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