Are you wanting to skip the 8 to 16 week time with your puppy?
Ask about this program we offer. It will be only for a select few at a time so make sure you get on the list. This is offered at $200.00 a week. Your puppy must be paid for at the time we put them into the program. The $200.00 a week is to be paid for weekly on Friday. Pickups are Saturday unless arrangements are made to board and pickup later.
We also, sometimes will have some ready to go at 16 weeks old.

Potty training (they will not be guaranteed housebroke. As every home is different and we use dog doors. But they should not have accidents if you stay consistent the first week with them home.)
Crate training (will be quiet in crate and not potty in it)
Leash manners
Waiting for food
Not jumping on people
Nipping and mouthing,
Gentle introduction to some distractions
Excessive Barking

Puppy Training