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Mabry Labradors Located in Murphysboro IL


Mabry Labs
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.

We are located in Murphysboro IL. 

These babies was born on 6/8/2019 to Missy and Drift. 

They are currently 90% house trained. Very rare to have an accident, but they are babies it can happen.

Quiet and calm babies, that love to snuggle with humans, other pets and blankets. They love their blankets.

​They get along great with cats, humans and others dogs.

They will eat in a group with their own food bowls. They will sit down once done eating and wait on the other puppies to get done so they can all go out to play together.

They will let you pick them up, cuddle them, check their ears, toes, mouths. 

They handle getting their toe nails done with a dremel.

They all have current vaccines and de-worming done.

They have been given medication to prevent heart worm, coccdia, giardia and 11 other parasites.

We guarantee the health of these babies.

Check out our  page on genetic testing that has been done.

Also, read our frequently asked question page for information.

For information on how to secure one of these babies go to this link. It contains information on costs and go home information.

Thank you for looking at our babies and let us know if we can help you bring home one today. 


​Call/text 618-521-5719

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