• Insurance policy is made between the owner of the puppy and the insurance company not Mabry Labs.

  • Mabry Labs does not at anytime guarantee that the insurance policy will pay.

  • Mabry Labs does not pay any owner out of pocket vet bills at any time.

  • Mabry Labs does not pay insurance policy fees at any time.

  • Mabry Labs is not an insurance company.

  • Mabry Labs has done the best possible to help new owners get insurance by partnering up with companies.

  • Mabry Labs does not guarantee at any time that any vet bills will be reimbursed by any insurance company.

  • Puppy owners are responsible for all vet bills and submitting claims to the insurance company.

  • Mabry Labs will not set up insurance policy for new puppies, as Mabry Labs does not have the new owner’s private information to be able to set up insurance. Nor does Mabry Labs have the right to set new puppy owner’s deductible and other out of pocket insurance policy fees.

  • AKC has a 30-day insurance that starts the day the owner of the new puppy registers with AKC. This does not start when you pick up the puppy, it only starts when the owner finishes the AKC papers. Owners are told to do the AKC papers within 24 hours from picking up the new puppy. AKC papers can be done online and then AKC will email the new owner of the puppy information on completing the insurance along with deductible and payout information. Owners can choose to not do AKC papers until the puppy is older. The 30-day insurance with AKC will still be there for the puppy’s owners when they do the AKC papers. Mabry Labs does not guarantee that AKC insurance will pay any vet bills.

  • The AKC insurance information can be found by following this link.

Any questions on insurance send an email to Mabry Labs at


Dr. James Mabry and Wendy Mabry 

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