Mabry Labs

Ginger and Joe Diffie Litter Labrador Puppy Photos

We try to update these photos weekly, but there will be times that we do not update. When we have litters weeks five through seven there is a lot going on. So those weeks sometimes do not get photos. As puppies are being weaned and seeing less of mom. They are introduced to a lot of new things. We take them to see more things and do other things on the farm. With all this going on they we miss the photo time. As photos for us take three to four hours for us to take and load to the internet. We only have limited cell service here on the farm. So please, be patient with us on photos. We can promise you the babies are getting excellent care. You will be excited that we spend more time on the puppy., than worrying about taking time from them for photos..

​Photos below are weeks five and seven.