Mabry Labs


Faith is a beautiful show bench style English Labrador that comes from show lines. She is very quiet and has a comical attitude. She is a girl that loves her people and is always there to greet anyone that comes over.  

She is very smart as well and has learned anything we have tried to teach her. 

She is not overly excited and is calm. She will do anything for a belly rub. 

Not aggressive towards anything.  However, will alert you if someone or something is around. 

She is also not destructive, we've not had to replace anything from her chewing as she only chews on her toys or treats. 

She loves to sleep in some of the oddest positions. We catch her upside down all the time. 

She has found a way to crawl under her kuranda bed. She does this when it is time for us to disinfect the kennel daily. She seems to think that if she crawls under her bed with it laying over her back that we can not see her. Honestly it is so funny to see a grown lab attempt to hide under one of those dog beds that I have ever seen.  She is also the only one that attempts this trick lol. 

Not a day goes by that she does not make us smile and laugh. She has brought us much joy and happiness. We hope that her puppies will show others this as well.

Thank you for reading about our beautiful gal Faith. 

We added some puppy photos from her first litter with Joe Diffie. 

You can view them below.