Labrador Puppy Deposit and Wait-list for lab puppies for sale.

The following are ways to get placed on our deposit/wait-lists.

We take credit/debit cards, checks and bank to bank transfers for deposits.

  • You can do a deposit online. If you need help let us know
  • You can mail it in by check or money order.​ Contact us to mail in a deposit.
  • You will be contacted once we receive the deposit.
  • Call or text 618-521-5719 and ask to speak with Wendy Mabry
  • ​Email to mail in a check/money order. We personally do not see your credit/debit card numbers or other personal information.
  • It is a secure way to place a deposit.
  • ​All deposits are not refundable. We will always be able to help you get a puppy. The time-frame will vary at times. Deposits are moved to next litter if one is not born with the litter you placed a deposit on. You can refuse on a litter and wait for one you want. This is only an option for twelve months. If you have passed on all open puppies after twelve months the deposit is forfeited.

 Wait-list for lab puppies for sale.