Cathy is a yellow female born to Snow and Buster.

She is a lighter yellow with a small build to her she's around 70 pounds has more American features. Her hair coat is short and dense and does not shed a lot.

Cathy acts much like Snow and tells us when somebody is around. She will also bark if she wants food or water. Typically, the barking for water is because she played in it and spilled it. She is always bright and alert. Loves to come up and snuggle and get belly rubs. Very playful with any animal she meets. She is a watcher so if she sees you do something, she can pick up on it very quickly. So, you must be mindful and not do things that you do not want her to do.

She has been extremely easy to train. Has a great activity level that's about in the middle. Loves the water and loves to play fetch.

She is real pretty goldeneyes. She is a chocolate factored which means bread to another dog with chocolate she can have chocolate puppies. Her coat is lighter so there is a good chance she will have light-yellow puppies.

She does like to come up behind you and nose boop you then sneak off like she did not do it. She stole the rubber hose a few times and took the water where it should not go. So, she has a definite mischievous sight to her.

Her brother is Drift from a different litter.

We cannot wait to see how her puppies turn out in the future. We are extremely blessed to have her.