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Black Labrador Female

Babe is an AKC Black Labrador Female.

She is a yellow and chocolate factored female. So she can produce all three colors when bred to certain males. The colors are chocolate labs, yellow labs, with some dudley labs, and black labs.

Some information about Babe.

Babe is a beautiful black female and has a lovable personality.  She is a beautiful black labrador with a nice thick coat and thick labrador otter tail. 

Babe loves to chat with people and we have enjoyed many long conversations. She will tattle on others in the kennel if they are misbehaving.  

Babe has a great pedigree and her babies have won titles in AKC and UKC labrador hunt tests.

Babe is 70 pounds and loves to eat so she can get overweight if we don't watch her.

Babe is very easy to get to train and has done everything asked of her. 

Babe has one of the best labrador retriever noses we have ever seen. There is nothing she can not find with that nose. She will place it on the ground and follow like a scent hound if she gets onto a trail. This makes her dogs excel in any blood tracking or shed hunting for labradors.

Babe's lab puppies have all been a joy to have here and we have many that we have enjoyed watching grow up over the years. 

Babe is set to retire here by 2019. So if you are interested in her pups you best jump on her 2018 list before she retires. 

The above picture was taken on 3/30/2018 and you can see she is a beauty.

Please, contact us at jalc1@live.com for more information on her list for lab puppies in 2018. 

​Thank you